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east meadow high school
key club



President's Message

Dear Key Clubbers,

I cannot believe Key Club has started off to be such a success! Some of you are returning to Key Club from previous years, and some of you are members for the first time. Either way, I can promise you that this upcoming year will be very productive, filled with fun and exciting activities. This year, we are providing more opportunities than ever before for all of you to get involved in Key Club, and to really leave your mark on East Meadow. I cannot help but feel that we have every reason to expect this year will be utterly amazing!

A new year in Key Club also means new people to meet, new committees to join, and of course, new events! Our biggest new addition this year is our first ever Talent Show, in collaboration with the EMHS Theater Guild. We have all been working vigorously to guarantee that this event will be quite a success! You can get involved in the Talent Show as well, by either performing, or working on the Talent Show Committee. If you have questions, feel free to ask me or any other of the board members. Other fun and exciting new events that we have in store are more Walk-A-Thons, creating easy ways to volunteer, and a Movie Night in January.

We will also be doing many events that we participated in last year, as well. We will have our annual Cystic Fibrosis Phone-A-Thon, a Sports Tournament, and our biggest event of the year, the Senior Citizens Thanksgiving Dinner. For the Thanksgiving Dinner, we will need all of your efforts to donate and wrap prizes, collect food, and create exciting and colorful decorations for our theme, Hollywood. It is so easy to help out for the dinner, just ask any board member for info.

I canít forget District Convention, either, the weekend away at Kutsherís Country Club on March 18-20. If youíre an active Key Clubber who participates in most events and accumulates many points over the year, youíll be invited to go on District Convention, a weekend filled with water volleyball, ice skating, dances, talent shows, and tons of fun with Key Clubbers from all over New York State. It is definitely worth going, so try your hardest to volunteer, and youíll be able to come with us on this amazing trip!

The events that Key Club participates in provide immeasurable benefits to the community, and leave lasting impressions of the hard work and amazing accomplishments that high school students can accomplish with a group effort. By giving your efforts, people throughout the community will appreciate what you have done, and you will receive a lot back in more ways than you can imagine. If you give to Key Club, Key Club can open many, many doors for you and your future. Never hesitate to get involved; it will only be for the better of your home, school, community, and most importantly, yourself.

Iím looking forward to everyoneís energy and enthusiasm for the rest of this year, and I canít wait to see what great things we can accomplish together. Everyone working as one unit can change the world around us for the better, and leave our mark as an example for generations to come. So go out there, get involved, and see you at the next Key Club event!

Yours in caring and service,