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east meadow high school
key club




Executive Board

Here you can learn about the different board positions, find out who the current board members are, and email any questions you have to them.

Ms. Jendzo
Mrs. Waring

Michele Zerah
The President is the one who basically runs all of the Key Club.  He/she chairs most of the events, runs all general meetings and board meetings, arranges most of the events, and does much more.

Vice-Presidents (2):
Heather Camhi
Ramya Sekaran
The Vice-Presidents help the President run the club.  They also chair events, fill in when the President is not there, arrange some events, and more.  Their biggest job is chairing the Thanksgiving Dinner.

Secretaries (2):
Daniel Bessel
Jessica Pepe
The Secretaries keep track of the members, who attended different events, the points, and also write the newsletter.  They usually need to know most of the members.

Suleman Malik
The Treasurer is the person who is in charge of all the money in the Key Club.  He/she is in charge of gathering and handing in dues.  He/she also keeps track of money we raise from fundraisers and whatever money we spend.

Christine Treimanis
The Historian is in charge of making the scrapbook.  The scrapbook is a collection of pictures showing what our Key Club has done.  The scrapbook is then judged against other scrapbooks at convention.  The Historian should be very, very creative and also a good photographer (as he/she is in charge of taking the pictures also) and a good artist.

Board Members (2):
Wayne Mitchel
Pamela Rosenbaum
The Board Members help run events, chair events, organize events, and more.

Freshman Representative:
The Freshman Representative is the one position on the board for a Freshman, and therefore, the voice of all the Freshman class.  He or she also has similar responsibilities to that of a Board Member.